STEPE has as a basic service the provision of installation to innovative businesses existing or under establishment. For established businesses it offers:

  • Equipment (compatible and electronic)
  • Data Center Services (UOI)
  • Conference rooms with wired and wireless network
  • 300-seat auditorium with wired and wireless network
  • Φιλοξενία δράσεων και νέων προϊόντων
  • Use of the STEPE logo
  • Secretarial support
  • Providing advice and support at the level of organization/presentation of products or new actions
  • Update on programs related to the activities of the hosted companies
  • Permission to use mobile and stationary electronic equipment (copier, laptop, projector), use of the foyer etc.

The procedure for setting up a company is as follows: 

  • Expressions of interest
  • Submit an installation request
    Submit an installation request
  • Filing of articles of association
  • Submission of Liability Declaration
  • Submit a Business Plan
  • Examination of the application by the Board of Directors of STEPE S.A.
  • Specifying an installation site
  • Signing of a Private Agreement
  • Signing of equipment receipt protocol