Capemed is an IT company specializing in IT systems and software for healthcare providers. It designs and develops medical software and information systems for health care units, as well as installs, configures, distributes and supports medical software, information systems and medical technology products using the most modern development methods and tools available, the long-term experience of its executives in medical IT and following quality assurance procedures.

Capemed has developed and has available in the Greek Market:

Διεύθυνση: Ε.ΤΕ.Π.Η Α.Ε.
Τηλέφωνο:+30 26510 07669
  • The NetMed360 platform, which includes a digital patient record and an integrated office and clinic management solution aimed at healthcare providers of all specialties.
  • A Complete Radiology Center Organization Solution including Radiology Information System, Worklist, PACS and 3rd party DICOM Viewer(s).
  • The information system Capemed LIS which is the backbone of every medical laboratory.

With our expertise in telemedicine, decision support systems and machine learning, we continuously improve our solutions and aim to
introducing new people through national (PRIME – T2EDK-05199) and international (TIMELY – 101017424) collaborative research and innovation projects.